Jazz Up Your Mutual Fund Marketing: Summertime Playlist

The days are getting longer and the kids are on vacation, but if you’re trying to get your undiscovered mutual fund off the ground, you know there’s still plenty of work to be done over the summer. Whether you’re working on your mutual fund marketing plan or mutual fund sales strategy, sometimes you need a little bit more inspiration during the warm months to get you pumped up to spend the day working inside versus relaxing on the beach.

Cue: A list of our third party marketing team’s favorite summer jams.

At Havener Capital Partners, we love creating playlists for all sorts of random reasons—basically, we just love an excuse to listen to music.

While some may argue that music can be a distraction, many find that music is a way to “optimize the boring.” The question remains: can music actually make you more productive? More focused? More creative? Personally, I believe that background music helps make my repetitive tasks easier. Modern research does argue that perhaps it isn’t the background noise of the music itself, but rather the improved mood that the music creates that helps increase your productivity.

So whether you want to put on some fun jams in your office or while your driving to your next sales meeting, add these hits (compliments of the HCP team) to your Summer Playlist. 


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