Alts Boutique Founded by Former Merrill Lynch Chief Strategist Launches Marketing Effort

Team led by former Merrill Lynch strategist retains Havener Capital Partners to expand distribution.

Newport, RI – (January 5, 2021)Clough Capital Partners L.P. (“Clough Capital”) and third party marketing firm Havener Capital Partners...

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A By-the-Numbers Look at Why Advisors and Boutiques Should Partner

If you’ve been around Havener Capital Partners long, you know we specialize in connecting two tribes: RIA/family office investors and boutique asset managers. We’re connecting them again Nov 17, 18 & 19, when six of our founder/portfolio managers...

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Unconventional Markets Require Unparalleled Insight – We’ve Got You Covered

Unconventional. Untraditional. Unprecedented. Any of those words could aptly describe the current economic and market backdrop.

Unapproachable. Uninspiring. Unacceptable. This is how we would describe the typical level of communication large...

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Havener Capital Partners Named to Inc. 5000

Havener Makes Prestigious List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies

NEWPORT, RI, August 21, 2020Inc. magazine recognizes Havener Capital Partners on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing...

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Evolutionary Tree Flagship Strategy Wins PSN Top Guns Award

Former Portfolio Manager from Sands Capital Ranks #2 Amongst Peers During Q1 2020

Alexandria, VA – (June 11, 2020) – Evolutionary Tree Capital Management is pleased to announce the Beagle Leading Innovators strategy has been awarded a PSN Top...

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Finding Your Story, Finding Your Tribe: The Secret Sauce for Asset Managers

For small asset managers, the math can seem daunting: In a $17.7 trillion mutual fund industry, 79% of the assets are managed by just 3% of the fund families. And since 2015, the largest managers have taken another 1% market share each year.


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Last One Standing: Interval Funds Capitalize on Market Upheaval

As market volatility plagued credit markets in March, interval funds were gifted with the one tool needed to take advantage: patient capital.

It will take time to see how long-term performance plays out, but some interval fund managers viewed...

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Press Release: Concentrated Growth Equity Shop Launches Marketing Effort

Former Sands Capital portfolio manager retains Havener Capital Partners.

Alexandria, VA – (March 10, 2020) – Evolutionary Tree Capital Management (“Evolutionary Tree”) and third party marketing firm Havener Capital Partners (“Havener”) are proud...

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3 Easy Holiday Cocktail Recipes – You’re Welcome

Hosting a holiday party or wondering what item to bring to one? IPAs, Bordeaux, Bourbon… they still get the job done, but this year, try taking your adult beverage game to the next level with some of these classic holiday cocktail recipes.  These...

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Anyone else excited for the IMPACT® 2019 conference in San Diego?

With this year’s IMPACT® 2019 conference right around the corner (November 4th - 7th) in San Diego, we here at Havener Capital Partners are having a hard time containing our excitement.

Both the IMPACT® conference and the city of San Diego have...

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Going to the Morningstar Conference? 3 Restaurant Recommendations

Chicago is a great city. One we visit often as we meet with our tribe of RIAs and family offices. If you are headed out to the Morningstar Conference May 8-10, here are a few of our favorite restaurants to visit while you are in town.

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Are You Searching for Undiscovered Mutual Funds?

We're connecting our favorite advisors to our favorite managers during this year's Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago. 

If you are looking for under the radar funds in these asset classes:

  • ESG/SRI/Impact Investing
  • U.S. Small Cap
  • U.S....
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