6 Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Marketing Team for Your Mutual Fund

What drew you to an investing career? Is it because you’re great with numbers? Were your parents super into the stock market when you were growing up? Did the ability to generate returns and compete with your peers each and every day appeal to you?

Whatever your reasons were for jumping into the financial industry, there’s a good chance you weren’t driven by your love of marketing or sales. Like most mutual fund managers, you’re probably phenomenal at what you do—but getting your name out there and attracting clients? That’s an entirely different story.

You may not have a background or interest in marketing or sales, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore those parts of your business. All the hard work you’re putting into your mutual fund will mean nothing if no one can find you or figure out why they should invest with you.

And no, those occasional LinkedIn posts you’re pushing out to the world in ALL CAPS are not the definition of a sound mutual fund marketing plan. Ditto for your blast emails at 1 am that are filled with typos and every sentence begins with I/we.

So, what can you do to get your undiscovered mutual fund on the map when you have zero extra time for sales and marketing activities? Perhaps it’s time to consider working with a third party marketing firm. In this first part of a two-part series, we’ll explain how a third party marketing firm can help with your marketing efforts.

Why a Third Party Marketing Team Could Be Just What Your Mutual Fund Needs

When you need help with marketing, a third party marketing firm steps in to be your wingman and provide all types of support. If you already have a small, in-house marketing team that needs a few extra hands, a third party marketer can become an extension of that team. If you don’t have an in-house group, a third party marketer can be your marketing team.  

Benefits of hiring a third PARTY marketing firm can include:

  1. Direct access to experts who don’t just know about general marketing and sales, but also understand the specific mutual fund marketing world as well (including all of that pesky regulatory stuff that can hold up the works).

  2. Saving money/time in the long run because you’re not paying salaries, providing employee benefits, or making room in your office for another body. You also aren’t managing another employee who is turning to you for direction.
  1. A new set of eyes to review your investment process, product structure, and existing resources to help you communicate in the language of investors, crystallize your goals and achieve them.
  1. Developing an inbound marketing strategy that makes your content work for you. We’re talking email marketing campaigns, blogs, landing pages with killer calls-to-action, and traditional marketing activities to drive prospects to you.
  1. Knowing your lead generation efforts are being maximized because your third party marketing team is monitoring analytics and using intelligent data.
  1. Access to design stars who can create stunning, unique marketing collateral that will help you stand out from all of those other mutual funds.

At Havener Capital Partners, we take our jobs as third party marketers for mutual funds very seriously—we want to make you look good and attract clients that will bring your mutual fund from undiscovered to undeniably awesome.

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