5 Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Marketing Firm for Your Mutual Fund Sales

In Part 1 of this blog series, we got real with you and shared six major benefits of hiring a third party marketing firm for supporting (or spearheading) your marketing efforts. Now that you’ve got the low down on the marketing side of things, we’re going to share how a third party marketing firm can help boost your mutual fund sales game.

If you’re like most mutual fund managers, you’re working hard to serve your current clients—so hard that getting your name out there and bringing in new clients seems like far too much to wrap your head around. After all, you’re not a sales person and it may even make you a little uncomfortable to hit the pavement and sell your services.

This is where a third party marketing firm can be your best friend.

You are able to do what you’re good at, and the sales arm of the third party marketing business will jump in to help you bring in new business.

Make Mutual Fund Sales Easy: Let Someone Else Do It

An outsourced mutual fund sales team can provide all types of support for your undiscovered mutual fund. If you already have a small in-house sales team that could use a little expanding, a third party firm can become an extension of that team. If you don’t have in-house salespeople, a third party firm can be your sales team.


The perks of working with third party marketing firms for sales supporT 

  1. Saving money in the long run because you’re not paying salaries, providing employee benefits, or making room in your office for another body.

  2. If you already have a small sales team, a third party firm simply expands your reach—which expands your opportunities to make more profit.

  3. The search for new business is taken off your plate, along with the worry of where your next client will come from.

  4. You’re able to leave qualifying prospects to the experts—which means you’re not just getting new clients; you’re getting the right new clients that match your target investor profile.

  5. Access to design stars who can create stunning, unique sales materials like fact sheets and presentations that will help you stand out from all of those other mutual funds.

At Havener Capital Partners, we know that outbound sales has long surpassed the days of dialing for dollars. In facilitating the due diligence process, we close deals by leveraging deep dive investment work and behavioral analysis. We are your deal whisperers.

Contact Havener Capital Partners today to learn more about how our third party marketing firm can rock your world.


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