Thought Leadership: A Boutique Investment Firm’s Equalizer

At Havener, we’re unabashed soccer fans. Many of our employees played through college and some still play today. As such, we have undying respect for the equalizer. That sudden, unexpected, long-shot goal that draws your team even and puts the opponent back on their feet.

It turns out the clients we serve – boutique asset management firms – have an equalizer of their own. Thought leadership. It’s never been easier for an investment firm to put their unique perspective in front of clients, and take back some assets from the dominant industry players who aren’t doing anything different.

Our Founder and CEO Stacy Havener recently explained in a Citywire video about how boutiques can punch above their weight:

“The internet, a blog, social media, that is a great leveler … That doesn't cost a ton of money. And now you're fighting with thought leadership not dollars. I can't buy better ad space than BlackRock but I can use my brain to get my insights, my beliefs, my convictions out there … To me, it was the best gift to boutiques for content to go online because it changed the game in terms of resource allocation.

We don't have to fight with dollars and numbers anymore, we can fight with our brains.” 

Get more tips on how boutique asset managers can punch above their weight in this video:
Citywire Virtual Panel - Punching Above Your Weight.

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