#Sugrr Coating Our Core Values

When an individual gains confidence and credibility, you see them get more comfortable in their own skin. Maybe they share something personal on the all-staff Zoom call. Maybe they stop hiding their tattoos. Maybe they start rocking big hoop earrings to financial conferences *cough cough* our founder *cough cough*. That’s because as we gain confidence, we’re not afraid to attract and repel others.

Companies are the same. As a firm develops a stronger leadership team… as it adapts and grows, it begins to know itself better. It stands up for who it is and what it believes in. When we (Havener) turned 11 years old, we adopted our core values.

We’re not talking bland ideals that seek to make us look good with prospects. Nor quotes about integrity lining the walls of HQ. No. These are about the heart and soul of Havener, the passion that drives us. They define why investment boutiques seek us out for help and why the top RIAs and family offices in the country take our calls.

Our core values are uniquely authentic to us and they even form an acronym: 

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S is for Scout

Think Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or the movie —Troop Zero (where a misfit girl recruits a makeshift troop of outsiders we’re all rooting for). We’re the boys and girls next door who prepare and do their best work with honor and pride, who want to make their neighborhood a better place. Details matter. Preparation is key. Every day is game day and we come ready to play. *aggressive hamstring stretch*

U is for Underdog

We stand for the underdogs. The people who know the odds are stacked against them and work to win. No matter where you look, the top 20 giant firms dominate 80% of the assets. We want to level the playing field and we're driven by a mission to give boutiques the chance they deserve. We’re also underdogs ourselves. We problem solve and face obstacles with bravery… so we’re underdogs who win.


"I believe in underdogs, the rebels building their dreams against the odds. Doesn’t matter who we are; we all start from the bottom. We’ve all been underdogs, myself included. Guess what? We can win.”

- Stacy Havener, founder


G is for Go-Giver

We are go-givers who give without expecting anything in return. We believe in leaving things better off than you found them, putting a handwritten note in the mail “just because,” sending flowers, showing empathy. We give back to our communities; we support the next generation of financial professionals. We radiate positivity and support as we lift each other up through tough markets and the ups and downs of a small business.

R is for Rebel

We’re creative and we rally to challenge the status quo, to do what's right instead of what's popular. We know the real answers and insights are beneath the surface and we're willing to uncover them. We believe in our own expertise enough to respectfully challenge clients, investors, and teammates.

R is for Rockstar

We are rockstars in our own unique abilities. We know what we excel at — and what we don’t. We know that authenticity is key in finding your true fans. We push ourselves to learn and grow. We show up energetic and positive for rehearsal and without a doubt, we rally to take the stage rain or shine. Our true fans are relying on us. 

#Sugrr high

We don’t wake up to be average. Average is for somebody else. These star qualities can't be taught. They can't be trained. They are part of a person's core. 

We use our core values to:

  • attract and repel clients who align with our mission and beliefs
  • align with prospective and current employees: hire, manage, promote, and build our culture
  • unapologetically make decisions every day

Our core values lay the groundwork for who we are, where we're going, how we're going to get there, and when. But more than all of that, why we are on a path taking us to places we’ve never been before. Doing things we've never achieved before. 

We're on a path that will change the face of an industry. It’s not easy work. As our founder says, if you signed up for Easy Street, you got on the wrong bus. We don’t do easy. We do work that matters.


Do our core values speak to you?
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