Looking for Investor Leads for Your Mutual Fund? Define Buyer Personas.

If you’re already engaging in inbound marketing, or even just in the planning stages—congrats! You’re already ahead of most undiscovered mutual funds. If you aren’t sure, what inbound marketing means… we’ve got you covered. Keep reading.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers and generating leads through relevant, helpful content without being interruptive or annoying. You’re creating marketing messaging that your target audience wants or needs to see and there’s a purpose behind every blog, social media post, and e-newsletter that you send out into the world.

Because quality content is the lifeblood of inbound marketing, each piece you produce needs to serve a purpose for your target audience of investors. You can’t just write about a random topic that pops into your head because you think “it sounds cool!” One of the most helpful ways to narrow your focus and create meaningful content is to develop investor personas, also known as buyer personas and marketing personas.

Buyer personas go beyond identifying your target audience—they are fictionalized, generalized representations of your ideal clients. Instead of saying you want to find investors under age 30, give that buyer persona a name; for example, Millennial Maddie. Then you’re going to really drill down to the nitty gritty of who Millennial Maddie is, her background, what she wants, and how you can help her. Use market research and survey or interview your real customers to get an inside look at who they are.

It may seem like a silly exercise, but every company needs to define buyer personas if they want to attract and convert the clients they’re really looking for. When you create buyer personas for your mutual fund—which could be as few as one or two, or far more—it helps you gain an understanding of your client base and allows you to comprehend what truly makes them tick. If you’re going to spend your valuable, limited time creating marketing materials, doesn’t it make sense that they should be as targeted as possible?

Don’t cast out a bunch of huge nets that catch countless tin cans and tires. Make each net small, intentional, and targeted and you’re far more likely to bring in the mutual fund investors you want.

At Havener Capital Partners, investor personas are kind of our “thing.” Contact us to learn more about how our third party marketing firm can generate leads through your mutual fund inbound marketing efforts.

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