Book It! Our Top Reading Recs for When You Need a Break from the Mutual Fund Grind

We don’t like to brag, but our third party marketing team is pretty lucky to have an office right in the middle of downtown Newport, Rhode Island. The Havener Capital Partners headquarters is a two-minute walk to the water (okay, maybe three minutes during tourist season), the roads are paved in charming cobblestones, and the famous Brick Alley Pub is steps away (one word for you: nachos).

Newport is more of a summer destination, though. And when the winds start to blow and the snow falls, our beautiful city-by-the-sea becomes one tumbleweed short of a ghost town. We stay hard at work helping undiscovered mutual funds all year round, but during our “off” time, we get psyched to stay home, get cozy, and catch up on all of the reading we’ve been meaning to do.

Many of us were looking for great book recommendations, so we polled everyone on the team to to find out their absolute favorites. Of course, we didn’t want to be greedy and keep this list all to ourselves, so we’re posting it here to share with our clients, friends, and loyal blog followers. We’ve got an impressive mix of classics, New York Times Best Sellers, books that’ll make you think, books that’ll make you laugh, and books or authors you may have never heard of. All of the literary works below link to Amazon, so make sure your Prime membership is up-to-date and get reading:


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