Press release: Leading Latin American Financiers Announce Marketing Partnership

Cayman based, Bolivia managed investment manager OTG retains Havener Capital Partners to enhance its U.S. sales and marketing efforts. 

[Newport, RI] – October 2, 2023 - OTG Asset Management LTD (“OTG”) and sales and marketing agency Havener Capital Partners (“Havener”) are excited to announce a partnership.  

In collaboration with world-renowned Peruvian chef and restauranteur Gastón Acurio (Acurio International), OTG is raising a private equity fund to develop additional Acurio restaurants across the United States. The fund is an opportunity for food-loving investors to savor in the surging popularity of Peruvian-inspired cuisine. 


Sent to Madrid by his Congressman father to study law in the late 1980’s, Gastón Acurio secretly dropped out of school and found his way to Paris to attend culinary school. After finishing his studies at Le Cordon Bleu, he moved back home to Lima to open a French restaurant with his wife Astrid. Quickly recognizing that emulating European traditions was not his calling, he began to deeply study Peruvian cuisine and culture. The Peruvian traditions soon dominated the menu, and the restaurant (Astrid & Gastón) became a global success. Over time, he steadily rolled out new Peruvian inspired brands (La Mar, Tanta, and others) across the US, Europe and the Middle East. Along the way he became a household name in Peru and the unofficial global ambassador of Peruvian food.  

The new majority shareholder of Acurio Restaurants sought the assistance of OTG to secure financing for their ambitious expansion plan. Acurio Restaurants intends to open approximately 20 new restaurants throughout the United States, and OTG has proposed the establishment of a Private Equity (PE) Fund based on their existing partnership model. The objective of this PE Fund is to provide funding for at least 8 of the proposed restaurants in Acurio Restaurants' expansion plan. 

Havener will partner with OTG to enhance its sales efforts and content marketing capabilities.  

“We love working with clients who are bringing something new to the table… and even more so if they’re bringing it to the dinner table!” said Havener founder and CEO Stacy Havener. “We’re thrilled to partner with OTG to help Acurio Restaurants continue to deliver on a proven restaurant model in an untapped corner of the market where most of the bigs don’t go.” 



For more information, please contact Erik Gudim at Havener Capital Partners at 401-314-0437 | or Mauricio Alvarez |  

About OTG Asset Management 

OTG Asset Management LTD is a boutique asset management firm. Our investment team is based in South America and is comprised of business leaders who were born and raised in the region. We have deep fundamental knowledge and investment experience managing capital and risk through multiple market cycles in Latin America. Our portfolio holdings are continually evaluated. We are deeply immersed in the history and culture of the region. This provides us with an understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the cultural, political, social, and financial climate of the region in which we invest. Our investment team has access to an established network of local experts and security analysts throughout Latin America who provide us insight into the challenges and investment opportunities in the region. 

About Havener Capital Partners 

Havener Capital Partners is a sales and marketing agency dedicated to boutique asset managers. Helping some of the world’s most talented investment firms build, launch, and grow funds is important not only for our clients, but also for investors and the industry. Whether it’s testing funds in the market, expanding sales and marketing capabilities, or securing investments from our network of RIAs and family offices, we provide clients with an expert team and a time-tested framework that has raised over $8 billion dollars for boutique funds that led to over $30B in follow-on AUM. More information is available by visiting: 

Havener Capital Partners LLC is an institutional division of Compass Securities Corporation.  Securities offered through Compass Securities Corporation. Member FINRA SIPC. 50 Braintree Hill Office Park, Suite 105, Braintree, MA, 01284; T:781-535-6083 


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