A By-the-Numbers Look at Why Advisors and Boutiques Should Partner

If you’ve been around Havener Capital Partners long, you know we specialize in connecting two tribes: RIA/family office investors and boutique asset managers. We’re connecting them again Nov 17, 18 & 19, when six of our founder/portfolio managers...

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Unconventional Markets Require Unparalleled Insight – We’ve Got You Covered

Unconventional. Untraditional. Unprecedented. Any of those words could aptly describe the current economic and market backdrop.

Unapproachable. Uninspiring. Unacceptable. This is how we would describe the typical level of communication large...

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Last One Standing: Interval Funds Capitalize on Market Upheaval

As market volatility plagued credit markets in March, interval funds were gifted with the one tool needed to take advantage: patient capital.

It will take time to see how long-term performance plays out, but some interval fund managers viewed...

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Anyone else excited for the IMPACT® 2019 conference in San Diego?

With this year’s IMPACT® 2019 conference right around the corner (November 4th - 7th) in San Diego, we here at Havener Capital Partners are having a hard time containing our excitement.

Both the IMPACT® conference and the city of San Diego have...

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Happy Holidays! 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Clients, Co-Workers or Friends

Still excited about that button-up shirt you got for Christmas last year? We didn’t think so! What about the gift card to your local coffee shop? Spent it in two days? Same here!

People outside the wealth management industry may see us as a bunch...

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Do In-Person Meetings Still Matter?

There are so many amazing new sales and marketing tactics for mutual funds to embrace, websites to build, social media to retweet, blogs to write, webinars to host. At Havener Capital Partners, we have seen the incredible power of the above. Yet...

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? MARKET Volatility.

Market volatility who?

Yeah. Exactly. Remember market volatility? It's back.

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Popular Mutual Funds = Perfect Mutual Funds? Far From It.

Standing for the underdog as we do at Havener Capital Partners means that sometimes you are unpopular. Every #1 manager, hit song, or New York Times best seller started from the bottom. (Even Drake knows that.)

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3 Steps to Conduct a Killer Mutual Fund Sales Meeting

Remember when we asked you to please raise your hand if you've ever felt like your meetings with mutual fund prospects miss the mark? Is your hand still in the air? We got you.

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Five Tips on turning your Mutual Fund Distribution into an Experience

The Baby Boomer generation was one of the biggest consumer generations ever. Raised by the G.I. Generation, who lived through the Great Depression, Baby Boomers were marked by ownership; owning things was a sign of success from the era their...

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Identifying Your Purpose: What vs. Why in Mutual Fund Marketing

At Havener, we place a large focus on the behavioral element of sales and marketing. We analyze our asset raising opportunities with the knowledge that the things our RIA investors do and say bears more weight than what we do on our end as third...

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Mutual Fund Deals, Gratitude and the Bottom Line

This month at Havener Capital Partners, we have taken a step back from blogs on third party marketing and helping mutual funds grow to focus on the practice of gratitude. The practice of gratitude yields results – personally, professionally and...

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