Q&A: Why Asset Managers Should Consider Inbound Marketing In Their Mutual Fund Strategy

Article reposted with permission from Ultimus. 

Ultimus’ Director of Distribution Strategies, Kevin Guerette, sat down for a quick Q & A session with Stacy Havener, Founder and CEO of Havener Capital, a sales and marketing agency representing...

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Why is Mutual Fund Branding So Important?

We get it—you’re a numbers guy or gal. However, if you’re hustling to launch a breakaway firm, new mutual fund or attract new business to your existing fund, a successful mutual fund branding strategy will separate you from the pack.


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Starting a mutual fund?  Know when to kick off the feed bag.

At Havener, when we meet with an asset manager who is launching a mutual fund and looking for marketing help, one of the questions we ask them is, “What is the capacity limit for this strategy?” This question is usually met with a chuckle, snort,...

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On the way out the door the other day, someone said to me, “Don’t you think mutual fund wholesaling is dead?” My answer was, “No” – but then I couldn’t stop thinking about the question… and whether I want to change my answer. Maybe wholesaling is

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