A By-the-Numbers Look at Why Advisors and Boutiques Should Partner

If you’ve been around Havener Capital Partners long, you know we specialize in connecting two tribes: RIA/family office investors and boutique asset managers. We’re connecting them again Nov 17, 18 & 19, when six of our founder/portfolio managers...

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Unconventional Markets Require Unparalleled Insight – We’ve Got You Covered

Unconventional. Untraditional. Unprecedented. Any of those words could aptly describe the current economic and market backdrop.

Unapproachable. Uninspiring. Unacceptable. This is how we would describe the typical level of communication large...

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Last One Standing: Interval Funds Capitalize on Market Upheaval

As market volatility plagued credit markets in March, interval funds were gifted with the one tool needed to take advantage: patient capital.

It will take time to see how long-term performance plays out, but some interval fund managers viewed...

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? MARKET Volatility.

Market volatility who?

Yeah. Exactly. Remember market volatility? It's back.

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Mutual Fund Deals, Gratitude and the Bottom Line

This month at Havener Capital Partners, we have taken a step back from blogs on third party marketing and helping mutual funds grow to focus on the practice of gratitude. The practice of gratitude yields results – personally, professionally and...

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How to Harness Gratitude in Marketing, Parenting and More! [Free Worksheet]


Around Thanksgiving, we often reflect on the things we are most grateful for: our families, our health, our jobs, etc. Why do we wait until November, the eleventh month of the year, to appreciate the things we are thankful for? ...

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Ideas for RIAs Developing Marketing Plans: Focus Your Aim, Find Your Niche

Being a third party marketing firm, Havener Capital Partners often writes blogs about marketing and sales topics for mutual funds and mutual fund wholesalers. However, we also have conversations with RIAs about marketing too, and we found...

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Mutual Fund Wholesalers and Loss Aversion: Lessons from a Small Closet

In his book, Nudge, expert on behavioral economics, Richard Thaler, wrote, “Loss aversion helps produce inertia, meaning a strong desire to stick with your current holdings.” Having experienced this “inertia” first hand, I couldn’t agree more.

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