Unscripted and Uncut: Here’s the Market Dialogue Advisors Deserve

As an advisor, what do you want from the person who manages your clients’ money – canned talk or candid conversation?

We thought so … and we promise to bring you the latter at Havener’s next Boutique Week™, May 25-27. If you’re new to our boutique week tradition, here’s what it is and what it isn’t:

What it is: A chance to hear from founders and other undiscovered investment talent from 9 boutique asset management firms, serving up niche strategies in niche market segments. These founders bring straight talk and honest perspective. They have the confidence, humility and security to tell you what they think and what they’ve learned … even if it’s self-deprecating. In short, it’s a chance to answer your questions directly, and give you – the advisor – the candid conversations you deserve.

What it isn't: Boring, rambling, one-sided, investment presentations. 

Why the Difference?

Many of these founders are industry veterans who left the comforts of a cushy Wall Street firm to hang their own shingle. Why? They craved breaking out of the mold, being more hands-on with clients, and bringing more meaning to their craft. More up-front conversations with advisors, less hiding behind an ever-expansive org chart.

This is their chance to tell their story, for you to get to know them, both personally and professionally. And they’re interesting people on both fronts.

Consider some of the personalities participating:

  • Chuck Clough, who founded his own firm (Clough Capital Partners, L.P.) after a 12-year stint as Merrill Lynch’s chief global investment strategist, where his insights and recommendations played a role in guiding the decisions of thousands of Merrill advisors.

  • Thomas Ricketts, the former senior portfolio manager on Sands Capital’s flagship Select US Large-Cap Growth Strategy, who is now running his own innovation-focused, concentrated-growth strategies at Evolutionary Tree Capital Management.

  • Adam Rozencwajg, a renowned expert in the commodities and natural resources space, whose firm, Goehring & Rozencwajg, is focused on the niche market segment of contrarian natural resource investments.

18 Specialists. 9 Boutiques. 3 Days. 

You can get the full lineup of boutique managers participating below. We hope you’ll join us!




May, 12, 2021 Early Adopters, Events

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