Morningstar Investment Conference

Going to the Morningstar Conference? 3 Restaurant Recommendations

Chicago is a great city. One we visit often as we meet with our tribe of RIAs and family offices. If you are headed out to the Morningstar Conference May 8-10, here are a few of our favorite restaurants to visit while you are in town.

  1. Gene & Georgetti (Steakhouse). Over 75 years of tradition, this restaurant is a classic, and in their words “never goes out of style” type of place. Most of the staff have been there for a long time, food is great, and if you like Frank Sinatra, this will be a hit. 

  2. Billy Goat Tavern (Cheezborger & Beer). They claim to be known all over the world!billy goat tavern They are a Chicago Legend and when in Chicago, Don Novello and Bill Murray still come by and visit Sam and the Billy Goat staff and have their “Doublecheezborger”! Pro Tip: If you get tired of the “conference” food, sneak out to this place for lunch!
  1. Weber Grill (Grill & Chill). If you have ever BBQ’ed at home, you most likely know their name. They also have a few restaurants in Chicago. If you want fire, smoke and grilled meat from huge kettle BBQs, this place has your name on it. 

After you get some good eats and drinks, come hang out with the team at Havener Capital Partners in the conference hall! We are at booth #204. We would love to hear about your priorities for investment research this year and fill you in on a few under-the-radar boutique mutual funds including new clients in high yield, structured credit and small/mid cap value. Plus, enter to win a lego set or pick up some cool swag items.  

See you at Morningstar!



May, 06, 2019 Undiscovered Mutual Funds