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When we came across the quote Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures,” we couldn’t help but think of all the amazing mutual funds out there that are still flying under the radar. The top 25 fund complexes are controlling 76% of total mutual fund assets1how is that fair?

AugustWallpaper-body.jpgAt Havener Capital Partners, our third party marketing team believes in the underdog and we know there are so many funds that would be able to claim their piece of the pie if RIAs and family offices just knew about their awesomeness. Luckily, we also know there are plenty of early adopters in the investment world who are ready to go down those “unexplored paths” to find the “undiscovered treasures.” It’s our mission to point those early adopters in the right direction so they know where to find the coolest funds with fascinating stories.

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Of course, we also chose this quote for our free August wallpaper because it ties into summer adventure as well. We know
you work incredibly hard, but make some time this month or next to take a vacation, go somewhere you’ve never been before, and have exciting new experiences. You’ll return to work refreshed and ready to rock your mutual fund!

5 U.S. cities to visit this summer (if you’ve never been):

While you’re managing your mutual fund and (hopefully) traveling, stay motivated all August with our free desktop wallpaper. Bonus: It also has a handy dandy calendar to keep you organized!



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1Source: ICI 2015 Factbook

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