Press release: Freight Transportation Private Equity Firm Launches Marketing Effort

Former Tortoise executives tap marketing expertise of Havener Capital Partners 

[Kansas City, MO] – Boutique private equity firm Hiram Capital (“Hiram”) and third-party sales and marketing agency Havener Capital Partners (“Havener”) are excited to announce a marketing partnership.  

Hiram was founded by colleagues Jeremy Goff and Adam Peltzer from TortoiseEcofin, formerly Tortoise Capital Advisors, the $10B+ energy and infrastructure specialist. After leaving the military as an Army Ranger, Goff spent two years at Blackstone Group, the world’s largest private equity group, and nearly a decade at Tortoise where he spearheaded several key initiatives, including the launch of the firm's equity and credit alternative investments platform.  

Goff and Peltzer, a portfolio manager and credit analyst, launched Hiram to invest in a unique and underserved subset of infrastructure: freight, an industry that uniquely combines the co-founders’ investment expertise and blue collar roots. Through Hiram, investors have access to unique private equity opportunities within niche, hard-to-access segments of the market—small, family-owned industrial businesses that typically resist engaging with Wall Street investors but appreciate the work ethic and core values embodied by Goff and Peltzer. 

“We’re proud of the atypical and unconventional journey that lead to the founding of Hiram and wanted to find a like-minded marketing partner that understood the value in that story,” said Goff. “Havener’s track record of successfully challenging industry norms and expectations to grow boutique asset managers through their unique approach to storytelling is precisely why we believe so strongly in this new partnership. Our shared passion for telling that story and bringing niche opportunities to light for investors is why I’m confident this collaboration with Havener will propel Hiram to new heights.” 

Havener brings a wealth of experience and talent to help Hiram with branding, storytelling, and modern digital marketing. Founder and CEO Stacy Havener believes the partnership represents an exciting opportunity for both organizations and aligns with Havener’s mission of connecting differentiated boutiques with the early-adopter RIA community that embraces them.

"Jeremy’s and Adam’s path to founding Hiram is inspiring,” said Havener. “They have a compelling story to tell and an innovative investment approach to share with investors. Their story is as much about the people as it is about their unique expertise. RIAs and family offices will vibe with Hiram, their investors, and partners. We’re thrilled to be a part of their team.”  


For more information, please contact Havener Capital Partners at 401-314-0430 | or Hiram Capital at 913-365-4005| 

About Hiram  

Hiram Capital is a founder-led, employee owned asset management firm focusing on private equity opportunities within the freight transportation industry. Through Hiram, investors have access to niche, private equity opportunities in middle-market freight transportation companies that are earlier on the growth curve and offer strong return and cash flow potential. To learn more, visit: 

About Havener Capital Partners 

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