A By-the-Numbers Look at Why Advisors and Boutiques Should Partner

If you’ve been around Havener Capital Partners long, you know we specialize in connecting two tribes: RIA/family office investors and boutique asset managers. We’re connecting them again Nov 17, 18 & 19, when six of our founder/portfolio managers from boutique asset managers will participate in live calls (2 per day) to answer your questions.

In advance of those calls, here’s a by-the-numbers look at why these tribes need to be connected in the current market environment, and why our boutiques can help.

First a few numbers defining how unusual the current market environment is:

20 - The number of trading days it took for the Dow to fall into bear market territory in March … a market record.

6 - The number of months it took the S&P 500 to set new record highs again in August … also a record.

$15 trillion - The amount of debt with negative yields.

$25 trillion - The size of central bank balance sheets after trying to stimulate the economy.

As the numbers show, these times are extraordinary. So too, are our boutique partners. Here are a few numbers that suggest their independent voices are worth listening to:

6 - The number of asset classes covered by the portfolio managers in our conference call series.

225+ - The collective years’ investing experience of the speakers on those calls.

3 - The average number of bear markets our conference call participants have experienced.

12 - The number of guest speakers who either own their business or have a significant amount of personal wealth invested in their portfolio … your success, means their success.

79% - The amount of mutual fund assets controlled by just the 25 largest firms in the industry. They represent the herd. These speakers invest far away from it. If ever there were a time for independent views, this is it.

If you want unique perspective, think it’s time to broaden your horizons, or simply want direct answers to your pressing questions, we hope you’ll join us for one or more of our calls. Registration information to join the call(s) can be found below.






November, 12, 2020 Mutual Funds, Market Insights, Undiscovered Mutual Funds