10 Cool Gift Ideas for your Clients, Co-Workers or Friends

Happy Holidays! 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Clients, Co-Workers or Friends

Still excited about that button-up shirt you got for Christmas last year? We didn’t think so! What about the gift card to your local coffee shop? Spent it in two days? Same here!

People outside the wealth management industry may see us as a bunch of number-crunching nerds, but we all know we’re more interesting and creative than that. Here is a list of outside-the-box gift ideas to help show how much you care about the people in your life, and no, we didn’t include pocket protectors.

  1. Drones. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a hand-written letter delivered from across the office by your remote-controlled quadcopter. The drone market has exploded in recent years and $100 can buy a fun one.
  1. Custom Ties. Sure, Brooks Brothers has some beautiful ties, but you’re not going to find any with a pattern including your best friend’s initials AND a Jeep AND a seagull. Knotty Tie’s website allows you to design a one-of-a-kind tie for a gift that’s hard to beat. Knotty-Tie-Ashley-Kidder-Photo-1_1_1024x1024_72f727e6-fb36-4ab4-a509-7aec238cb1e1_580x@2x
  1. Concert/Event Tickets. The Rolling Stones’ tour may be out of your price range, but you’d be surprised how cheap tickets to other events like NBA games and comedy shows are on Stubhub.
  1. High-Performance Batteries. Do you really need a handheld battery so powerful it can jumpstart your car’s dead battery twenty times? Of course you do! Seriously though, this could be a life saver if you or a loved one ever need it.
  1. Virtual assistants. Having a verbal conversation with Alexa is so 2016. With video, she can show you how to cook Chicken Tikka Masala in your kitchen or make a Skype video call to you friend in Asia. You can even ask her to show you the lyrics to the song you’re singing along to. Never butcher Pearl Jam again!

  2. Stock Market Gifts. Very industry-specific, but if your advisor friend doesn’t have a small bronze statue of a bull and bear fighting each other, they’re missing out. Bull Market Gifts has some wild gift ideas including replica stock tickers designed by Thomas Edison. Bull_Market_Gifts
  1. Hotel, Airline or AirBnB Gift Card. The traveler on your list is sure to appreciate some extra funding toward their next adventure.
  1. Polaroid Camera. Pictures on Instagram are one thing, but having a physical picture hanging in your office is sure to give you the warm and fuzzies for a long time. Instant cameras are a riot at parties too.
  1. Liquor in an Engraved Bottle. For an extra $25, Websites like Wine Delight will engrave a personalized message into your family member’s favorite bottle of Scotch. Plus, you know they’ll save the last bit to share with you.
  1. Crazy Socks. The crazy sock craze is not dead. We will not let it die. Stray from your blues and blacks and try on a pair from Modsock with the image of a unicorn riding a unicycle. Long live the crazy sock craze!

If you have any unique gift ideas, we'd love to hear about them!  Leave them in our comments section down below.  

Happy Holidays!  



December, 18, 2018 Clients

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